Want to be DailyGists360’s Girl/Boy of the Week?

You Think you have another view and what it takes to become the DailyGists360 Girl/Boy of The Week? Send your best studio quality photos, to ikennaeke@gmail.com or Through BBM.

Once I get your photos, I will contact you with more information.

Add me on  Blackberry: 28A2341C

Tell us about yourself; i.e.  Birthday? Interested in ? Religious views? Work or Education? Title of your favorite song (will use it to become background music), Favorite quotation(s). 

  • At least two Full image of you
  • I do not accept any random photos.
  • NO Nude photo is allowed
  • You MUST be the only one on the photo
  • Girls Bikini shots are welcome, Boys, you can include your shirtless shots.
  • I will publish at least 4 photos of you, because only the best shots will be published!
  • You have to provide your facebook id to confirm your sending real photo(s) of you as I won't 
  • If you want us to display your Facebook or twitter id to gain you some followers and friends, Just include them in your email.
NB - Remember, a quality and sexy photos are required for you to have any chances of been selected.
If you don't introduce yourself or say anything after adding me on bbm, you will be deleted afterward) Some peeps will add you and when you accept, they will still wait for you to ping them and ask who they are. 

Best shots will be chosen as DailyGists360 Girl/Boy of The Week. 

At the end of every month, the overall best shots for a particular month will be rewarded with a free one month subscription of Blackberry Services or a recharge card of any network of your choice equivalent to that amount.....
Good luck!!!

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