The Kardashian's bizarre shopping... For A Burial Ground?!

We can't say we saw this one coming! Though, we guess it's always better to be prepared…???
Looks like the Kardashian Klan wants to remain a part of Hollywood FOREVER, even after the spotlight's dimmed and they're long gone!!

Reportedly, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Rob, Bruce and Kris all made a visit to the Hollywood Forever cemetery recently…to check out some plots to buy!
While sources say the fam hasn’t picked out the exact location where they want their bodies buried, they were spotted looking at an ENORMOUS mausoleum!

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Apparently, reality’s royal fam isn't sure how many kids the sisters will eventually have — so they're having trouble choosing a plot size!
Kreepy much?!?!
As for the patriarch of the Kardashian family? The late Robert Kardashian is buried in another cemetery.

The Kadashians will not cease to amaze me!

Well…we wish the Dash fam luck on the gravesite quest!


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