Lawsuits: Ex-Rikers Island Jail Bird Is Suing The City Of New York For $80 Million Behind Life-Threatening Surgery He Had Due To Prison Cafeteria Food!

This guy might just get the gwap he’s looking for!

This former fatso couldn’t stomach jail.
Ex-inmate Michael Isolda is suing the city for $80 million, bellyaching that eating the cafeteria food at Rikers Island nearly killed him.
Isolda once tipped the scales at 460 pounds before undergoing gastric bypass surgery. The operation slimmed him down, but he claims prison dining — in which inmates have only four minutes to finish their meals — endangered his digestive system.
The Staten Island resident said he needed extra time to chew and swallow food, but the speed-eating at Rikers caused him to vomit after every meal and eventually separated his stomach from his intestine.
“For me, Rikers Island is a death sentence,” Isolda said in a sworn statement that’s part of the lawsuit he filed in Brooklyn Federal Court this week. “It’s not a matter of surviving and worrying about inmates. I have to worry about the food killing me.”
Isolda was beset by diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and orthopedic problems when he decided to have gastric bypass surgery in 2008.

I am not lawyers, but it sounds like this guy has a pretty good case.

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