Twitter Reactions To Kim Kardashian’s Soul Food

@KidFury -Bitch got roasted Spongebob and Patrick on a plate, calling it luxury. @KimKardashian

@steenfox - Not Kanye’s dinner! RT @MattEStevens Hey Twitter! What’s good?

@KittyLamont -The plate she made is soul food basics. I don’t expect it to taste nasty. Bland possibly but not nasty

@Miss_TiffyBaby - but you gotta admire Kim’s wiliness to try and cook something her man loves. just being that thoughtful anyway. I can respect that.
@canu_diggit – Wait, she said she was cooking for her baby? She Sandra Lee’d that plate all the way!

@PharmD84 - Kim ain’t foolin’ nobody with that frozen Banquet meal. Hell I eat two chicken wings while I’m frying chicken wings.

@Luvvie - But listen. Kim K’s serving her food on a Hermes plate as if the expensive porcelain gon make it taste better. Aight. And whoever gave her the Hermes plate set for marrying Kris Humphries prolly wants that gift back. E! must be UPSET right now. lol


@akacharleswade - Kanye’s wings looked cunt. Appropriate.

@Except4Amauri - Somebody said Kim gave the big chicken to the man of the house… Khloe! LMFAOOO

@3RoseScott - WAIIIITT HOLD ALL THE WAY THE FUCK UP. Weren’t those Hermes plates on her wedding registry?!!!!! DID Y’ALL CATCH THE SHADE????!!!!!!!

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