Bugatti left under rubbish in garage for nine years now worth £100,000

A classic ‘Bugatti’ left to rot in a rubbish-filled garage for almost a decade is expected to fetch more than £100,000 at auction, despite the fact it's a fake made in the 1980s.
Its eccentric owner, engineer Alan Riley bought the car in 1987, convinced it was a real grand prix-winning Bugatti Type 51 and worth up to £2 million.

'Alan never raced the car but he took it to Bugatti meetings all around the UK. He would always say it was an original
'It is not a genuine Type 51 but it has been built to Type 51 specification.
'A real Type 51 is worth around £2 million and a replica is worth about 10 per cent of that.
'If you were to build a replica it would cost £150,000 and I’d be very surprised if it didn’t fetch over £100,000

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  1. Then why didn't the daft old man sell it and live comfortably?


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