D’banj Releases New Single - Oyato

D’banj has released a new single called ‘Oyato’ today July 14. This was revealed by Mcomm, Nigeria’s fastest growing music distribution network.

According to a press release from Mcomm, the single, which was propelled by the pop icon’s desire to reconnect with his numerous fans after the soar away success of his Oliver Twist single in the UK – is D’banj first Nigerian release as an independent recording artist.

‘Oyato’ marks D’banj’s transition into an international music star and ambassador of contemporary Nigerian music.
On the hugely anticipated single, not only does the ‘Kokomaster’ prove his dexterity on his favourite instrument, the harmonica, he also subliminally reiterates that he still remains the master of his craft, the leader of the pack, and a Nigerian artist without borders.

The multi-award winning entertainer was full of praises for his fans and noted that it would have been impossible for him to have achieved his star status without their love and support.

“An artist without loyal supporters, is like a king without a crown, without them, there would be no D’banj, and of-course there would be no’ Oyato’,” D’banj said.

“Oyato is my special dedication to my fans who have stood by me through it all. Thank you for being there for me.The only way I can truly repay them is to keep on making great music that they will always enjoy and be proud of,” he added.
D’banj’s previous single, Oliver Twist, is still making waves on local and international radio stations. He recently performed the song and many of his previous hits to over 100,000 fans at the BBC 1 Hackney Weekend Music Festival last month.

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