Dear DG360 Blog readers: How best can i tell him that he is not my type without hurting his feelings?

Dear friends
I am a 23year old female.
My parents died when i was 8 then I dropped out of school because no one could afford to pay my fees. I then met this guy when i was 14 and he sent me back to school. He was selling fruit then but still he was Able to pay my fees.
He then got a job as a truck driver
and sent me to university. my problem is that i feel i can't continue with this
relationship because he is not my type, he isn't fluent in English, he his a very short man Plus some other Personal stuffs.

I feel I have Paid him back for his Good Deeds cos I give him sex anytime and anywhere he wants. But now he can't meet up to my demands.

How best can i tell him that he is
not my type without hurting his feelings??
I am grateful that he sent me to
school but i can't be in a relationship with him anymore.
I want somebody in my own class
not a truck driver.
Please help!

Your views and comments are highly welcome....

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  1. By paying spending ur life with him


Thanks for sharing your view. Hope to see you again soon!!!!!!

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