Dear DGs360 Blog Readers - MY BREAST IS MAKING MY HUSBAND MAD.**What Can I do?

Please I need your urgent advice.

I am a married woman with four kids. My husband always complain because I have a small breast, it has fallen and am even slim.
It is now a very big issue.
Please I don't want to lose my marriage. But am beginning to see negative signals that all is it not well and this is giving me sleepless nights.
It seems the worse is coming.
What should I take to get weight and 2 make my breast stand little or big?

Please What do I do?

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  1. My dear,that's no issue believe..he ffell inlove with you a small breast,all of a sudden,he started hating it..its veRy rare..meanwhile your a mother..where I would like 2 pput my mouth is adding of weight..that is good,eat well and do less of thinking..you husband aren't gonna leave you for any lady cause of your boobs..instead look deeply,u mmight see the reasons behind his issues with you..but am sure definitely not your breast..thanks


Thanks for sharing your view. Hope to see you again soon!!!!!!

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