Man Charged With Trespassing For Refusing To Leave Jail

Most criminals would love the opportunity to be released from custody, but a North Carolina man wasn't as pressed to earn his freedom.

Apparently, Rodney Dwayne Valentine was released from Rockingham County jail last weekend after spending two months in custody, but refused to leave after sheriff's declined his request for a ride.
Being that he has no permanent address, Valentine asked to be taken to a local motel, and when turned down he decided to stand his ground—literally.

Officers suggested that he take a cab, but the 37-year-old wasn't interested in that option, and was taken back into custody and charged with second-degree trespassing.  He was originally sent to jail May 22 on a damage to personal property charge.

What with all the people behind bars fighting to be released, and wrongfully accused of breaking the law, Valentine's story is pretty bizarre. Other inmates in his position would have probably done whatever necessary to get to their destination, after being released.

Now that he's right back where he started, Valentine will have a couple of weeks to think about his life choices. He is being held on $500 bond and is scheduled to appear in court Aug 9.

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