Nigerians Vent at Goldie For 'Disgracing' Her Country

Nigerians have vented their anger at Goldie for what they termed a poor and disgraceful performance in the Big Brother Africa StarGame reality show.

The Nigerian musician was evicted on Sunday night after 70 days in a show that has been dominated by Nigeria for the past three years.

Nigeria has won the show on three consecutive occasions, Kevin Pam in 2009, Uti Nwachukwu in 2010 and Karen Igho in 2011.

After that impressive run by Nigerian representatives and an unexpected voluntary exit of Ola and Chris from this year’s show, a lot was expected from Goldie, who was the only remaining Nigerian.

She was however seen to be on a hunt for love than the US$300,000 prize at stake. Constantly in an on and off relationship with Kenyan housemate Prezzo, Nigerian fans tagged her as the country’s worst representative to the show.

Hundreds of Nigerians vented their anger at the singer after her exit on several social media sites including Facebook.

Below are some of the comments fans posted on her wall:

“Lol I hpe Goldie does not Commit suicide afta ha 4rndz n Family tell ha da truth abwt hw Prezzo played ha....hahahahahaha GOLDIE till Dey 91...wat a humble pie 4those Nigerians who were big headed!! Mmmmh”

“No one is prefect but goldie u reli disgraced urself hw on earth cld u fall for dat asshole prezzo he used u to play ping pong nd here u re talking abt haterz am glad u av been evicted. I jst hope u will learn frm dis nd learn to be strong becos those ur crocodile tears irritate me mtchezz”

“Goldie is d worst naija rep ever in bba history”

“Everything about Goldie is fake from d eyelashes, her song 'don't touch my body except Prezzo' to d Lady Gaga wannabe style.... I will suggest u relocate to Kenya and continue crying for him. And for u Admin.... Nigerians still voted for her despite all her mumu displays. Am sure u r angry that ur job has come to an end abi?”

“Goldie,u embarrassd us...big blow on our faces, u went 2 do "love kill me die"mchewwww”

“Lol........instead of you to concentrate on what took you to BBA, you were fooling yourself with Prezzo! You didnt represent naija one bit. Abeg keep quite...... You just waste the chance of Nigeria winning BBA stargame, grow up and try to control your dirty emotions! Well atleast you lasted up till now before we stop seeing your face on bba screen........smh”

“hahahaa seriously we ur fans are disappointed in you. the truth is just bitter sis.”

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