Reps threaten to Impeach Jonathan over budget execution

The House of Representatives, on Thursday, threatened to commence impeachment move on President Goodluck Jonathan over what it described as poor implementation of the 2012 budget.

But here is the question I asked myself......

Is the house of representative very sure they issued the impeachment threat based on poor budget implementation or because they have scores to settle with the president. We are no longer ignorant of the way politics is played in Nigeria.( Look for genuine reason to deal with the public officer you are at cross with). The president is yet to appear on the floor of the house to answer questions on security and of course some members that wants Jonathan out feel spited thus they need to find impeachable offence to deal with him.

Must the house issue threat of impeachment while calling the president to fully implement budget? What of other laws that are not being implemented, what have they done to compel him to prosecute Otedola and Lawan who gave and collected bribe.? The house always see itself as being faultless, even when their faults are pointed out, they say they would investigate, investigations that usually give them clean bill.
Budget for recurrent expenditure is being implemented, but capital expenditure is dragging. Meaning contractors which includes many members of the house are not smiling to the bank. Its quite understandable what could be the real motive.
These guys at the assembly should show more respect for the office of the president and cooperate with him by advising him through house resolutions on what to do for the interest of Nigerians.

God help Nigeria...

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