Terrifying moment a toddler came within inches of death as he played on 100ft-high balcony ledge 'while his mother slept inside'

From DailyMail News...

Neighbour Debbie Green said: 'I was talking to my son's girlfriend on our front door when she looked up behind me and said: 'there's a baby up there on the balcony.'
'I turned round and saw the kid up there just playing on the balcony with no protection - I thought he was going to fall, I was sure he was going to die.
'The police arrived after about six minutes but it felt like hours - I had to go back in the house to try and calm down because I couldn't watch.
'I have never felt so scared in all my life, it was horrendous.
'I couldn't believe someone would let their child do that.
'But they have a chair on the balcony that he was able to use to climb up onto the ledge.'


Officers arrived at the block of flats in Wyken, in Coventry, seven minutes later to find the mother and a man asleep inside.
They said she claimed the boy was safe because of the delicate pigeon netting over the balcony.
When approached, the mother claimed she had in fact been in the kitchen, not asleep, while the boy played outside.
She said the doors onto the veranda don't shut properly allowing the boy easy access to the outside world.
Claiming she was 'shocked' when police told her what her son had been doing, she told The Sun: 'I won’t let him out of my sight now. I’d like to thank the neighbours over the way who saw him'
Police are taking no further action.

Distant view: The view from where Debbie Green spotted the boy

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