[VIDEO ]Nicki Minaj performing at the James L Knight Center! Some brave ass fan ran up on stage to hug Nicki, but security and her crew fixed that real quick! He got knocked out!!! Lol

Rapper, Nicki Minaj was performing at the James L Knight Center on July 24th at 8pm for her Pink Friday Tour and while she was making fans go wild with her thank you speech a male fan was going crazy over the massive ass she had on display.

Before anyone could say NICKI's ASS... the brave fan ran up on stage to hug Nicki and ended up getting thoroughly beaten by the security guys.

After watching this video, being scared doesn't give them the right to beat the guy. Hes just an obsessed fan who want a hug. Could've just thrown him off stage and perhaps get him arrested. If Nicki really cared about her fans, she would've stopped them.

People have invaded stages before and rarely they suffer violence, no matter what. She's the boss honey, she could've dealt differently, instead, she laughed and said: ''Thank you for your love'' - well....let's think....she's retributing the love given with some stomping rude attitude. What she could've done? Continued the show without thinking that she's THE shit and laughing about it. This is unsensitive and just shows how she's not giving a shit to you, to me or her so-called fans.

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