[VIDEO] Room 027 - A sneak preview into 9ja's most erotic film (Warning 18+)

Nollywood is gradually moving towards pornography.

Bυt іn a soon to be released movie titled ‘Room 027’ whісh ѕhοwcased clear nudity.

Watch Video...

Soft Porn is fast growing in Nigeria and some parts of West African countries. Advice for people involved, please carve out this niche and possibly tagged it another name other than Nollywood with its different category of “Soft Porn actors and actresses”.

'ROOM 027' is coming out soon.


  1. God is watchn o! u guys are a disgrace for shooting such a movie

  2. he guy cant even kiss very well.

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  4. Damn d best Nigerian movie eva

  5. I hate dis movies God what is all this nonsense come u guys should stop it oh pls

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