Children Swim in Water That is As Toxic As Ammonia and Bleach (PHOTOS)

This shows that not every body uses their God given brain. One of the tragedies of a Nanny State mentality is that some people espect the state to run behind them getting them out of trouble.

The crystal blue azure water in this lake may look like a tropical paradise - but it's actually pollution that gives the lake its inviting hue.
And the water is a toxic soup nearly as strong as bleach that contains dead animals, excrement, car wrecks and rubbish.

Parents are taking their children for days out swimming in the poisonous lake - known as the Blue Lagoon - on Harpur Hill, in The Peak District, even ignoring signs warning of 'car wrecks' and 'dead animals' inside. Boards even tell them that the pH level in the lake, known locally as the Blue Lagoon, is 11.3 and that bleach is 12.6 while ammonia is 11.5.

The pH levels in the water are almost as strong as bleach can cause skin and eye irritations, as well as stomach problems and even thrush

These people have to be charged with trespassing, even the children: they can read. 

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