[PHOTOS] Kim Kardashian comes out from hair salon 'after FIVE HOURS'... and reveals glossy raven locks

 The marathon trip was par for the course for Kim, however, being is known to keep herself perfectly primped and polished for the camera.

The Kim was photographed sitting in a salon chair while a female stylist combed her finger's through her freshly dried hair.

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  If you paid enough attention to your photos you would realize that she is not using an iPhone.. You don't charge an iPhone from the side. She's using a blackberry. Blackberry rock..

Before: The reality star, 31, walked into the salon wearing her favourite leather leggings with a matching waterfall blazer and heels

The 31-year-old multihyphenate later tweeted some more photos but this time on bikini


  1. http://tinyurl.com/cneqhba

  2. What a boring life, spending virtually a day at the hairdresser's probaly then off to the Gym for an hour and people call that work! People like her should not be allowed to earn all that money, wherea others such as firefighters, medical staff and teachers to name a few earn peanuts in comparison

  3. I wonder how it feels having cameras in your face all the time. Kim gets a haircut, everyone! Why do we care? I would rather hear about Russel Brand getting a haircut because he, actually, needs one! "clearing my throat" #Just sayin'.

  4. it's 82 degrees in LA and she's wearing skin tight leather? ew. all i can think is at any minute the leather will gicve up the gohst and BLAMMO! paps cut down in a see of flying leather shredds.


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