ReadersMail: Is Modelling all about Nudity?

Please no need for my name. I  am a girl of twenty years old, modelling has been my dream since I was young and I got a job recently in a modelling studio last three weeks. I told my boss I will love to be a model and he told me is not easy to become a model because modelling is very wide. 

 I told him to explain more and he told me he just got a contract from a company that if i will love to be one of his model and I told him yes that all I want is for him to explain everything to me. My boss started by saying the first tin is that he is going to snap me some nude pix with my panties and the pix we be up to five that he is going to send the pix to the company and everything will be personal.

He also said modelling is for minded people that the company is going to pay me 100 thousand naira after going through some processes and am to give him 60 percent of the money. I was so confuse and surprise because I never knew modelling is all about that... He also told me a lot but the problem is I don't know if I should continue or stop because the task is too much.. I need your advice.

No insults please.

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