DailyGists360 Weekend Note: Friendship Whores!

I don't like being friends with whores. I don't mean that in the regular sense of people who have sex for money. I mean people that give everything to everybody. You know, the kind of person that has like 50 best friends. When something happens, everyone knows. They talk a lot to everyone. They don't really have that concept of 'special'. Everyone is special, so none is special.
I cant have a relationship or friendship or anything that ends in 'hip' with anyone that treats everyone the same. Your friends are not your children...you're allowed to have favorites. Mind you, I don't want to be everybody's best friend. Far from it. In fact that would be a nightmare. I like, however, to know where I stand in people's lives. If I'm an acquaintance, I want to be just that...if we're friends, that's good too. If EVERYBODY is your close friend, then the value of your friendship is diminished and I don't want.

Now, why am I writing this? I'm not sure. I guess some things really are just pointless.

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Thanks for sharing your view. Hope to see you again soon!!!!!!

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