Henry Okah begs S-African court for bail

AHEAD of his proper trial next month in South Africa, for the October 1, 2010 bombing in Nigeria, alleged Nigerian terrorist, Henry Emomotimi Okah, will approach a Regional Court Magistrate in Johannesburg on Monday, September 17, with a fresh application for bail based on new facts.
Okah was seized in South Africa on October 2, 2010 for the Independence Day bombing in Nigeria and had not been granted bail since then. By next month, he would have spent two years in detention because the prosecution stood against his previous application for bail.

 Part of the new facts Okah is relying on are that the so-called evidential material, which the police claimed against him are allegedly not contained in the police docket given to him and this reality was not known to the Regional Court Magistrate and High Court when he was initially refused bail.
In an affidavit deposed to by Henry Okah, he said, “I have now been furnished with a copy of the police docket which I have been advised by my legal representatives contains all the evidential material which the State intends to use in my trial. I have studied the police docket and state categorically that exhibit “N” is false and misleading with regard to various issues contained therein”.

Dismissing the evidence against him as weak, he said, “It is unlikely that the State will be successful in a criminal prosecution against me. I respectfully state that had the Regional Court and the High Court been appraised of the true facts pertaining to the so-called “evidence” referred to in exhibit “N”, both Courts in all probability would have granted me bail”.

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