[INTERVIEW] I have very nice bikini bottom - Cossy

Cossy Orjiakor’s name, no doubt, rings a bell, especially in the social and entertainment world because of the way she exposes her massive breasts without giving a damn about what people think about her. The Nollywood actress, musician and ex-dancer in this interview speaks about a number of issues.

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What have you been doing of late?
I do music now and I do movies sometimes. I will be producing my very first movie probably at the end of this year.

How was growing up for you?
Growing up was nice. In the kind of family I come from, my parents allow you to be who you want to be. But, they gave all of us education up to the university level.
Can you define your fashion statement?
Basically, how I dress or what I wear depends on how I feel. The event I am attending determines the way I will dress.

Are you a fashion freak?

No, I am not but I love fashion.
What is that fashion item you cannot do without as a woman?
I can do without anything but I cannot do without my Blackberry. Most times I am all alone in the house so I chat with my friends, especially when I am bored or stressed.

Have you ever had an experience where a guy could not resist looking at your boobs and then touched them?

Yes, sure it has happened to me.

What was your reaction?

I was in the traffic one day and one of these guys who sold in traffic just came and grabbed my boobs and ran away. I was stunned. He was coming back the second time and when he saw my facial expression, he could not try it again. I was ready for him.

Is it true that you are now into big-time property business?

Basically it is true but it is not like a big-time thing.

What’s the worst rumour you have heard about yourself?

The worst rumour I have heard about myself was that dog story where it was alleged that I slept with a dog. It was so terrible that even the producer and director denied me. It got me thinking that what of if I was dead. If they had the mind to deny a living person, then, they can as well poison you. I took the producer to court because I served them court papers. We got the video and my mother said if these people can go to this extent to tarnish me, then they can do worse and she advised that I should just leave them. It was actually my mother that made me forget about the matter because my sister is a lawyer and she was working for Ricky Tafa, a law firm based in Abuja. She was ready to take up the case but my mum asked me to forget about it and I did.

Did that experience make you stop acting?

No, it didn’t stop me from acting. If I am called upon to take up a movie role, I go but I am very particular about roles. I love my life. I can’t really go to a place where I will be scared. Some people don’t like you so you just keep off.

If you have to flaunt any part of your body, where will that be?

It depends, I don’t know. I have very nice bikini bottom.
Well most people will think you will say your boobs
 (Laughs) No, I will probably flaunt my nice bikin bottom in my bikini.

If you have to change anything about yourself, what would that be?

Nothing. I just like myself the way I am.

How do you handle your male fans?

I try not to get very close. If I am in a place where there are so many people and I don’t want to get personal, I assume a bony look so that nobody will actually come and talk to me. But if I am in the mood to smile, I will smile with everybody. It actually depends on my mood.
What puts you off people?
The negative attitude of people, the way they talk or their attitude towards me, especially for the first time, puts me off. I read faces a lot.

A lot of people believe that you do not have friends neither does your colleagues in the Nollywood

industry like you. How true is this?

I have a lot of friends but I protect my friends. I don’t like to be seen with my friends.


As I said I like protecting my friends because I don’t want people to say to them, see your friend, see what she is wearing, see your friend she slept with a dog. My friends keep defending me so I try to stay off them but I have very good friends in the industry.

How would you describe Cossy Orjiakor?

She is very fun-loving, nice but an introvert. I don’t like going out much and mixing with people because I am scared of people’s reaction. You know some people already have this negative mindset about me, so I prefer you to have that negative mindset than for me to say ‘hello’ and then you give me a negative attitude just because of the negative attitude that you already have towards me. The truth is that I shy away from negativity, so I maintain a very few friends.

What is your normal day like?

It is very hectic. I work for myself so sometimes it is really hectic and stressful. At other times, I am just there chilling. How do you like your make-up? It all depends, but I am not actually particular about makeup. However, when I am going to an important event, I make up to suit the event.

How do you keep fit?

I have some gym equipment in the house so I gym at home.

What is your philosophy of life?

Take life easy, just live your life and be happy. The most important thing is to be happy. Also, you should only go to places where you are celebrated.

So, who is the man in your life right now?

I am very single and available. I am open to date.

What makes you happy?

Being with happy people makes me happy. I love positiveminded people around me.

I believe you pray, what do you tell God when you pray?

Prayer is a personal thing with God. I tell God what is on my mind. All have sinned and have come short of the glory of God. I go to church you know; I am an Anglican.

What is the misconception you think people have about you?

I have bad press publicity about the kind of clothes I wear and all that. There was a time I attended this old school party and I dressed the old school way. The press then wrote that this is how Cossy is, she is looking ugly, and maybe she was on cocaine and all that. How could I go to an old school party looking new school? That day, I even had nice Brazillian weave-on on and I had to weave it any how so that I will look old school. I think they just like talking about me.

How do you love your hair?

I love wigs a lot. I love Brazillian, lace wigs and other long weave-on. For my hair, I am always wearing short hair. I cut my real hair and I groom it well.

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