Photo: Unbelievable - Couple having séx in a car while baby watches.

Next time someone ask you what is the most weird thing you have seen online, be truthful to yourself and refer the person to this link.
Isn't it one of the most unbelievable things? We have seen where couples engage themselves in such activities before and the child mistakenly comes in and sees the same act in a room, but never has it been heard of that the couple feel itchy and decides the car was the best place while keeping the small innocent mind at the rear, to watch live, what many parents will die if they catch their kids watching on TV.
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  1. wooooww..nuttin oyibo no go fit do for dis world.

  2. Oboi.....dis one pass me ooo*surprise*

  3. 1 thing that is only obvious in this situation is that the couple are not matured enough to parent a kid cause if they are they would know that children brain are like computer. bible said train up your child in the way he should grow so when he is old he will not depart from it. wouldn't be surprise if the child become a SEX adict in the nearest future.

  4. humm,i dont know where dis world is turning to,lack of self dicipline,couples in animal form.this tell us dat not all pople who put on cloth are humanbin.the bible say in d end time ,many thing of such will happone,so wash and pray


Thanks for sharing your view. Hope to see you again soon!!!!!!

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