WOW!!! Janet Jackson’s $20 Million Dollar Wedding Plans [PHOTOS]

Its rumored that pop icon Janet Jackson is going to be tying the knot, but doing it extravagantly as she is breaking the bank to do so.

Janet Jackson and billionaire hubby Wissam Al Mana are reported to be getting married in 2013 and their wedding plans and expenses are off the wall.  Right now they are looking at 3 million to fly their 500 guests in from all over the world along with a $10,000 Rolex for each of the guests that attend running them already 8 million.

Wissam although being a billionaire already has definitely hit the jack pot and landed himself a woman of experience  as Janet is almost  10 years older than him.   As per iamnotacelebrityasskisser.blogspot.com they have been dating since 2010 and Janet doesn’t seem to mind at all, because when asked about the age difference she simply said:

My mother always raised us to believe that age was just a number. All of us, my sisters, my brothers, we’ll just tell you our ages because it’s all about where you are mentally and how you feel about yourself. It doesn’t matter.”

Guess age and money is nothing but a number to this open minded couple...

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