Apple Exco Fired Over iPhone 5 Maps App Failure


The Apple executive responsible for the colossal failure of Apple’s new Maps app was fired for reportedly refusing to apologize to Apple’s customers.
Scott Forstall convinced Apple execs to replace Google maps on the new iPhone 5 cell phone with his Apple Maps, which turned out to be a disaster.

Not soon after the iPhone 5 launched, consumers began reporting problems with Apple Maps. Well-known streets and even entire towns were left off of the Maps navigation. The app quickly became a target of late night talk show hosts.

When the public outcry over the map app got too loud to ignore, Apple’s boss took action.
Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged that Apple Maps caused consumers “frustration.” Cook asked Forestall to sign a letter apologizing to Apple’s customers. When Forstall refused to sign the apology letter, Cook showed him the door.

Cook said Forstall wanted to “address the outcry without apologizing.”
Forestall’s arrogance did not serve him well during his 15 years at Apple. Like most narcissists, Forstall had a reputation for being difficult and “never fit in with the culture” at Apple, according to an anonymous source.

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