Kim Kardashian Gets Paid to Attend Fashion Shows

Hate as people often do on Kim Kardashian, homegirl knows how to turn just about anything into a money making opportunity. Sex tapes, diet pills, even the mind-numbing Keeping Up With the Kardashians yields a paycheck for America’s most loathed brunette.

And now, the one thing we thought was beyond Kardashian’s reach, the final frontier of the celebutante lifestyle, is actually just another teat from which Kim milks cash: the high-end fashion show. Namely, little Kim gets paid $50,000 for every front row appearance.

Now, it’s not a surprise that celebs get paid to sit front row next to stylists and magazine editors to give designer labels that extra cache, but we’re just shocked that Kim Kardashian is one of them.  It seems the reality star — who, along with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney, owns boutiques in Los Angeles, New York and Miami, as well as a fashion line exclusive to Sears — needs the approval of the fashion world more than the world of fashion needs her (New York Magazine even said so), so it’s trippin’ us out that the reverse is actually true. Turns out an appearance by Kardashian actually helps a label, rather than hurts it.

By comparison, here are some other celebs and what kind of change they make to wear fabulous clothes and attend the shows at various fashion weeks around the world, according to the Hollywood Reporter: Blake Lively ($50,000), Rihanna ($97,500), BeyoncĂ© ($100,000) and Chloe Sevigny ($65,000). Oh, and that doesn’t include the free clothes and complimentary trips on designers’ private jets.

Kim made heads turn when she seemingly dropped everything to attend Kanye West’s show at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year (before they were officially a couple), so we gotta wonder: what kind of check did Yeezy write Kim to show up in France?


source: Bet news

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