PHOTOS.... Student Armed Robbery gang caught and were beaten to death.

 Three University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) students in their EARLY 20s, were today, burnt alive by Aluu Villagers in Rivers state, for allegedly stealing phones and laptops in an off-campus hostel of the University.

The Locals decided to take the law into their hands, as some said that it will be a waste of time calling the Police. On arresting the unarmed students, they brutalised them, before the traditional ritual of putting tire on their neck and setting them ablaze.

Geology student of University of Port Harcourt who happens to be the only son of his parents happens to be 1 of the 6 members of the armed robbery gang. who could ever believe this dude was an armed-robber? They were caught today in the act and were beaten to death. This happened today in Port Harcourt, 2 of the members manage to escape.

But my point is that, no matter what they did, they don't deserve to be killed. People now take laws into their hands all in d name of vigilante.
Only Son killed. This is a lesson to all d boys that re armed robbers and keep on shouting WIRE....

He was seen last night with his friends chilling, but none of them knew his an armed roberry.

A crime is a Crime, but is these phones and Laptops enough for these young men’s lives to be wasted in this manner?


  1. why did they have to do this to this fine looking young men.no matter what they have done the law would have taking its cause this is so on fear.god please for give us all

  2. Taking laws into their hands is crazy, they are not God nor the law enforcement officers. People do worse things and are roaming this world free. Who confirmed the armed-robbers? What if it is was a false alarm? How dare them? Look at this kids the slaughtered for nothing, those in the prison were they not tried first in court? If the felt the boys were armed robbers they could have taken them to court to be charged. I'm super pissed and disappointed

  3. This is insane wny not hand them to the police. Well this Serve as a warning to us. Am sure is the company called friends that led him to this act I feel for the parent


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