ReadersMail - I Want To Sleep With My Aunt. How To Tell Her?

Dear Readers,

I am 18 and my aunt is 27. This is the 2nd marriage of my uncle and I think maybe he is not interested in her so much. Whenever I be alone at home she comes and sits very close to me and tries to rub her body against mine. In front of me she always bend to show her thighs and whenever i be sited beside her she does stuff which i find seductive in nature.

She also makes special food for me every time. She has been is doing all these things for the last 3 months now. Does it mean that she wanna have s*x with me? I really can't help it any more, I want to sleep with her but how do I even tell her?

Please help.



  1. Sleep with a married woman? forget it.
    don't break the rule bro!

  2. My advice for you is, dont do what you will come back to regret in life.

  3. Bro, You need Jesus in your life


Thanks for sharing your view. Hope to see you again soon!!!!!!

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