Treatment for rare condition causes girl, 16, to grow a beard

For any young girl, her teenage years can often be the hardest time in her life as well as the most memorable and fun.
For 16-year old Nana, who recently found herself growing thick facial and body hair after undergoing a life-saving drug treatment, they're becoming years she'd rather now spend alone, hiding in her room.
Staring blankly before a camera, the Chinese girl, whose only first name has been given, shows off what has grown into a heavy beard and moustache as the unexpected product of a rare condition called hirsuitism.

'The doctor said that...it was very serious and without treatment [Nana] would die,' her mother told China's Zinhua news agency according to the Huffington Post.
Diagnosed with aplastic anemia in 2010, Nana's bone marrow wasn't producing a sufficient amount of new blood cells, causing her hospitalization.

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