Lady Gaga Dances Around In Her Underwear in 'Cake' Video Teaser

When Lady Gaga released her trap song "Cake," most of us figured she wasn't too serious about it — it seemed like one of those one-off things that artists do sometimes when they're stoned bored in the studio. But Gaga's just released a snippet of a music video that proves a couple of things:

1. She's still hoping to make "Cake" happen.
2. She still hates pants.
3. She takes baths with other women.

Gaga released the Terry Richardson-directed (read: pervy) snippet as "un petit fours," meaning there's probably a fuller, pornier version being edited right now. Check out the vid below to see Gaga crawling around on the floor a la Fiona Apple circa 1998, doing hooch moves in a bathtub, and dancing around without pants on in front of a mirror.

The Mother Monster also revealed this week that her Born This Way Ball would receive a "facelift" when it arrived in the United States, with custom-designed clothing from Versace. Also, this:

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