Thanks all for visiting www.dailygists360blogspot.com . Special thanks to regular commenters. You make me write more. The more I write the more I develop my writing voice and skills, … and I hope the same applies to you. A big portion of my writing is like going to the gym…..for the exercise and to release stress. “The power of writing can heal you both physically and emotionally. Writing heals your soul. Writing heals your mind.” Let’s keep on interacting.

One more reason to write. Introverts tend to feel left out of conversations and meetings because of their “think-before-you-speak” nature, leaving the extraverts to often dominate the discussion. Thus writing tends to be the introverts favourite/favorite mode of communicating. What better way for the introvert to express his/her thoughts than blogging?
May you all have a HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!
Meanwhile, as you all are having fun this day,  I would like to use this medium to introduce to you guys my new and official website. You may wish to visit  Click here -->>>> DailyGistXtra.com

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Thanks for sharing your view. Hope to see you again soon!!!!!!

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