Big Brother fans angry at Keitta’s exit

The Big Brother Africa StarGame reality show fans have expressed their displeasure at the eviction of the only remaining Ghanaian housemate Keitta Sunday.

The Ghanaian, who was Ghana’s only hope after the disqualification of Derick Kobina Boney (DKB) and eviction of Mildred (Eazzy), was evicted after spending 77 days in the reality show.

Some fans who commented on the official website (bigbrotherafrica.dstv.com) of the reality show Monday expressed their displeasure at the Keitta exit and called the show’s credibility into question.
A fan quizzed: “what type of game is this, you had no nomination and yet u re evicted.am goin to unscribe my dstv.”
Another one said: “Am urging Ghana to honestly think of redrawing our self from this game…to me is highly corrupt…many things are not adding up…Biggie if I may ask how can u first evict Keitta that had 2 country vote before Alex that had 0. Am honestly ashame ohhhh!”
A Nigerian fan also commented: “Am not sure this results are correct, because how can Keita instead of prezzo, Please big Brother we need prove, the two guys that are left yesterday rock the house.”
“wot a stupid show this is! bloddy waste of time and space…darn!” An angry Sierra Leone fan lamented.
“This show is obviously a sham,” another concluded.
Meanwhile during Monday’s diary session, Kyle, Head of House for last week, who decided to save Keagan and put in his place Keitta, could not hold his emotions considering the fact that his swap cause the Ghanaian’s exit.
Kyle throughout his diary session asked for forgiveness from the Ghanaian declaring that he did not know things will turn out the way they did.
The grief-stricken Ugandan housemate, who said Keitta was a very close and good friend, paused intermittently as emotions took a greater part of him.
This season’s show, the seventh in the series, ends in two weeks time and Ghana has never made it to the finale.

By Odafe Don Pedro

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