Single Women Would Rather Give Up Sex Than Their Favourite Food, Dating Study Reveals

In my own opinion, I can certainly say that the women who would put food before sex are obviously not with the right men. Good food can be great, good sex is unbeatable

The 40% who would give up sex are most likely poor performers in the the sack and hence why they are single

According to a recent dating survey led by TODAY.com and Match.com, a significant link between food and love has been noted when it comes to dating.

The study of 4,000 singletons found that if it's a toss up between sushi or sex - sweet love goes out the window.

The results revealed that one in three single women (39%) would rather sacrifice sex for a year than give up their favorite food. Only 16% of single men said they’d do the same.

Of those who’d happily relinquish a year of action between the sheets, 26% said that chocolate was the number one food to trump sex, followed by a meaty steak.

Commenting on the study’s findings, sex therapist and author Ian Kerner told MSNBC: “People often say things like they'd pick money or sleep or food over sex. I think this shows that people take sex for granted, or that they're not enjoying sex enough to really value it appropriately.”

The Love Bites: Dating and Dining survey also discovered other interesting dating habits among 4,000 singletons.

“Food, sex and courtship go hand in hand in nature,” says Dr Helen Fisher from Match.com in a statement.

“Food also informs: what and how a partner eats – and if they share – says crucial things about their habits, health and empathy. We are also built to want an adventurous eater, a sign that this individual will be flexible – a vital trait for loving and parenting.”

“We attach our memories and emotions to what we eat, and as a result, learn a lot about someone by observing their attitude about food,” adds Vidya Rao from TODAY.com.

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