Study Reveals That Women Over 30 Are More Likely To Have Sex After First Date

So you’ve had a nice evening being wined and dined, and now it’s time to say goodnight – do you leave your date with a peck on the cheek or do you invite him in for a ‘night cap’?

If you’re over 30, chances are he is going to get lucky, as a recent study has discovered that women aged 30 and over are more likely to have sex after a first date.

According to research by DateWithaMate.com, 34% of women aged 30 and over would get intimate with someone after a first date compared to 14% of women aged 20 to 23 and 12% of 24 to 27-year-old's.

Similarly, the study also found that women over 30 (if they didn’t go the whole way on the first date) are more likely to take the plunge on a second date compared to younger daters.

Nearly half (42%) of women aged 30 and over admitted they would definitely sleep with their date after meeting for the second time, compared to 38% of 20 to 23-year-old's and 29% of those aged 24 to 27.

It seems that younger, twentysomething women prefer to wait, as 89% admitted they like to wait until the third date before they slept with their prospective partner.

But the question is, "has anyone done a survey on how many women lie about questions posed to them about sexual habits"?

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