Bomb Terror 21 Year Old Arrested For Planning To Blow UP US Federal Reserve Building

Quazi-Mohammad Nafis
To those who roll their eyes at the terrorist threat against the United States — who contend that the authorities have caught only aspirational incompetents — there’s a new one-word answer: Nafis.

That is, Quazi Mohamad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, a 21-year-old Bangladeshi man arrested by the FBI and NYPD after he attempted to detonate a 1,000-pound bomb outside the Federal Reserve building downtown.

Nafis was sure he would kill huge numbers of people by ringing a cell phone that he believed was rigged to trigger a massive explosion. And he placed the call.

He looked forward to disrupting the American economy and the presidential election as a step toward radical Islamist word domination. And he placed the call.

He idolized Osama Bin Laden and was confident that he was acting under the authority of Al Qaeda. And he placed the call.

Nafis did so after first plotting to assassinate President Obama and then moving on to, for a short time, targeting the New York Stock Exchange. He was also willing to die in the blast.

What kept him alive, along with scores of New Yorkers and visitors, was a contact he made with a source the FBI had in the world in which Nafis traveled. Congratulations to agents for having a cooperative civilian in just the right place. Will anyone rise to accuse the bureau of spying on Muslims or Bangladeshis? Just wait.

Nafis entered the U.S. on a student visa, purportedly to study at Southeast Missouri State University. Quite innocent, he must have seemed. But there is no doubt that he came to “destroy America,” as he wrote.

And there is also no doubt that had he not been intercepted, he would have found his way to inflicting death and destruction. He was that maniacally determined. “We will not stop until we attain victory or martyrdom,” is how he put it in a videotaped statement.

After Nafis expectantly placed the call from a hotel room near the Fed, and then called again and again only to hear silence, agents took him into custody.

U.S Federal Reserve Building…

That was Wednesday. A day that would have been filled with carnage had the man providing explosives been an actual, not pretend, conspirator — had the explosive chemicals been active, not inert. Imagine the headlines this Thursday morning if not for the brilliance of the agents and cops on the Joint Terrorism Task Force and federal prosecutors.

Imagine the mourning, the recriminations, the way the world would have shaken…Terror is real and these terrorists are willing to die for what they “believe” in. Such utter wickedness, so much bitterness. Why do these terrorists want to just destroy everything? Why would a 21-year-old handsome student want to kill himself just to bring the U.S down.

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